Broker Hub

A large and diverse broker-to-broker inventory exchange for ticketing industry professionals

ticket broker Hub

Free for Ticket Utils Point of Sale users, the Ticket Utils Broker Hub allows the hundreds of businesses on our system to buy inventory from each other with a few clicks of the mouse. Listing on Broker Hub increases your inventory’s exposure and generates retail sales. Should you need to fill an order, or want to invest in inventory for an upcoming event, Broker Hub is also a great source for discounted tickets for sold out events.

Point of Sale integration

Broker Hub works hand in hand with Ticket Utils’ industry leading Point of Sale and is easily accessible from the same platform.

Industry Professionals

Broker Hub is used by hundreds of businesses, but access is limited to verifiable industry professionals.

Instant Purchases

Buy tickets with a few clicks of the mouse and have the inventory seamlessly delivered through the system.

Integrated Shipping

Integrated FedEx with one-click shipping label generation and fully integrated shipment tracking capabilities.

Merchant Processing

PCI compliant merchant processing with vaulted credit card storage from Braintree Payments

Cloud Based

Broker Hub is cloud based and always accessible, no software to download or updates to install.

Interactive Charts

Integrated interactive seating charts with section views make finding the right tickets quick and easy.



*To All Industry Professionals

When Free is Really Free

Access to our Broker Hub product is absolutely free to all verifiable industry professionals.

The Catch

You must be an industry professional who passes our vetting process, and you must maintain our inventory minimum.

Free Customer Support

Our software is so easy to use that you won't need to call us much (if at all). But if you do need help, we are just a phone call or email away.