Ticket Utils was founded with one objective: to create cutting edge software solutions for the ticketing industry that drive innovation, increase productivity, and reduce cost.

Our reputation is synonymous with dependability, quality, and value. We earned it by keeping our promise to provide cutting edge technology deliverables on time and at an affordable price. Our products are built in house from the ground up by our team of experienced engineers.

The Ticket Utils Story

Ticket Utils was born when software engineer, Brian Hampel was trying to post his personal unused season tickets to eBay. He found the tools available were primitive and therefore the process was frustrating. Brian concluded that there must be a more effective way to post and manage ticket inventory on eBay. With this goal in mind, he launched our first product, RocketPoster, in May of 2010.

RocketPoster immediately transformed eBay into a manageable sales channel for ticket brokers who could now easily control their listings with one intuitive product. RocketPoster quickly became known as a proven solution and a trusted name within the ticketing industry.

After launching with one highly successful product, Ticket Utils is now an industry leader that offers a wide range of products. Its complete brokers tool kit now includes:

Point of Sale: A reliable and intuitive cloud based inventory management solution integrated with the industry’s largest marketplaces including complete StubHub integration. Our Point of Sale is also integrated with Sync Center & AutoHold, insuring that available inventory is easily broadcast and double sales are essentially eliminated.

Sync Center: Launched in 2010, the industry’s first multi-marketplace uploader that instantly synchronizes your Point of Sale inventory to exchanges without the need for manual intervention.

Interactive Seating Charts: We offer the industry’s largest licensable library of interactive seating charts, powered by technology that is the industry standard and used by hundreds of eCommerce sites.

Broker Hub: A diverse broker to broker exchange of inventory used by hundreds of industry professionals.

Ticket Utils - Company Details

Our main office is located at: 250 Pehle Ave, Suite 102, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663, with additional development offices at: 28, Jaynagar, New Osmanpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005, India.

For more information, call us at 201-556-9090 or Email Contact us about our software for ticket brokers.

For customer support and questions, please call 1-800-706-4039 or Email Contact us about our software for ticket brokers

If you’re located in the UK please call 0800 085 7697

Ticket Utils software development services and software sales services focus on the objective of creating cutting edge solutions for the ticketing industry.

Powering The Ticket Industry inventory management services and invoicing services and shipping services and seating chart services promote the sales and services of the ticketing industry.