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November 14, 2014

Dear Valued Broker,

On Friday we announced Ticket Utils as a certified integrator with our exchange and we want to ensure that you know exactly how we can help you expand your business!

The annual fee is based on the amount of inventory you will be uploading to us and starts as low as $150. In regards to your selling fee you have the ability to pay as little as 6.75% based on your performance in the categories of: Fill Rate (accepting orders), Delivery Rate (delivering based on customers request) and Processing Time (average; this should not be an issue with the automation in place).

You can choose either our Fulfillment program
Benefits are:

  1. TicketNetwork is merchant of record so you have no or very little customer interaction or chargeback risk.
  2. We not only broadcast your inventory on our sites but on all the other brokers sites who use us and private label.
    a. We don't turn your information over to the teams, leagues and event promoters like we have heard other exchanges do.
  3. We require proof in most cases of denial of entry claims.
  4. In most cases the inventory stays up until 24 hours before the show (we are working on reducing this even more!).
  5. Using 1ticket.com or Ticket Utils you have the ability to fully automate the process.

Or our TND program
Additional benefits are:

  1. As Merchant of Record, you receive payment when credit card is charged
  2. Ability to remarket to the customer.
  3. You can sell Paperless tickets
  4. Tickets broadcasted to the last minute of the event
  5. You sell more tickets because of pricing advantage
  6. You have some interaction with the customer

There are many ways to upload and prices start as low as $12.50 per month.

We are happy to work with you as a Fulfillment broker or a TND broker.

For exact terms and conditions, please call our sales department at
(860) 644-4000 ext 4or email tnsales@ticketnetwork.com

We're looking forward to doing business with you!


TicketNetwork Broker Support