Frequently Asked Questions

1 Who can sell through Ticket Utils Point of Sale?

Any ticket sellers who have their own inventory and have passed our internal vetting to ensure we are a good fit.

2 What if I just have an extra pair of tickets to sell?

Our solution is the right fit for both full-time and part-time ticket sellers; however, if you just have an extra pair of tickets to sell we are not your solution.

3 What if I'm currently listing directly on StubHub?

Ticket Utils is a great next step for those who sell primarily on StubHub. We seamlessly import your inventory (PDFs and Barcodes attached) from StubHub to our Point of Sale. Once you are up and running, our software will automate your business and increase your inventory’s exposure by sending it to multiple marketplaces simultaneously.

4 Do I need StubHub bulk upload or large seller status to send to StubHub using Ticket Utils POS?

Ticket Utils direct API integration with StubHub means you do not need large seller access or bulk upload status when using Ticket Utils broker software.

5 Can I broadcast inventory to multiple marketplaces using your software?

Yes, our platform allows ticket sellers to broadcast inventory to all of the industry's top marketplaces and exchanges. We provide the flexibility that allows ticket sellers to decide where to send their inventory.

6 Does Ticket Utils offer double sale protection?

Yes, our Point of Sale has built-in Autohold to protect against selling the same tickets twice on different marketplaces.

7 How do I control pricing out to each marketplace?

Our flexible markup/markdown tools allow price changes at the listing level. This means you can select an event or venue and quickly apply a marketplace specific price change. Want to mark up tickets to tonight’s Giants game 10% on StubHub? We can help you do that. Want to mark down all your Giants tickets 15% across the top four exchanges? We've got you covered. Want to add a 5% markdown on all events at MetLife Stadium on Vivid Seats? No problem.

8 What if I'm currently managing my inventory using another software provider?

Ticket brokers from every other major platform have made the switch to our software. We offer multiple options to migrate your inventory and can often complete the process in under an hour.

9 Does Ticket Utils Point of Sale come with integrated merchant processing?

Ticket Utils POS has PCI compliant merchant processing with vaulted credit card storage through an integration with Braintree payments.

10Why do I need a Gmail email address to sign up?

Whenever possible Ticket Utils uses direct marketplace integrations for order discovery, but as a backup our double sale protection system relies on email parsing. Over the years, we have found Gmail to be the most reliable email provider, giving you the most flexible email forwarding options for these purposes.

11 Why do I need to change my StubHub email address?

Stubhub sales alert emails go to the address you have on file, and sales email parsing serves as redundancy in our double sale protection system for Stubhub. Gmail has proven to be the most reliable and flexible provider for these purposes.