RocketPoster Announces EiBO Module Fri, Mar 11, 2011

RocketPoster Announces EiBO Module for eBay Listing Service

Saddle Brook, NJ, March 11, 2011 - RocketPoster, an ecommerce solution designed for ticket brokers to simplify the selling and distribution of tickets on, and other marketplaces, has announced an important enhancement targeted to brokers who manage inventory using EiBox Office Point of Sale. Clients who enable the EiBO module within RocketPoster will now be able to post eBay listings enriched with the opponent’s team name.
With this new feature, the opponent’s name is seamlessly appended to the event name for most professional and NCAA sporting events. The opponent’s name is accurately being sourced and verified through a number of sources, which can include the sanctioning league, team website or other data providers.

Below is an example of an eBay listing published via RocketPoster prior to the introduction of our new EiBO opponent’s name feature. You will notice there is no indication of the opponent’s name on the eBay title or within the description of the listing.

With the new enhancement, the listing details are now being enriched with the opponent’s team name.

“As I’ve said several times in the past, we’ve developed this feature simply because one of our broker clients asked for it. The use of the opponent’s name feature will finally put the eBay listings generated from this POS provider on a level playing field with other POS providers,” said Brian Hampel, Founder and President. “In many instances, the inclusion of an opponent’s name will resonate with many prospective buyers, which will lead to an increase in sales and higher margins for their sporting ticket inventory published on eBay.”

“When you combine this new enhancement with our existing platform features, including our Seat-Rite Catalog of 2,250 custom designed seating charts, our exclusive licensing agreement with SeatData and our Team Title Control technology, the results can be very dramatic for ticket broker clients who are signed with our RocketPoster listing service. Although our competition has had a 4+ year head start on us, it has not stopped us from designing and deploying these powerful new technologies and quickly controlling the market share of more than 30% of all Event Tickets being published on eBayand rapidly growing.

Our mission has long been to help our ticket broker clients to save time, to sell more tickets and to provide the necessary automation for them to leverage eBay as one of their primary distribution channels – and this new feature is a clear home run for our EiBO broker clients,“ said Hampel.

This product is built upon RocketPoster’s ground breaking technology stack which includes the following features:

•    Seat-Rite Technology – Our own proprietary process to ensure the correct legally licensed seating chart is displayed in the body of each listing for every venue, every event and every date. To ensure these seating charts meet our quality control standards, they are designed in-house by our TicketUtils division.

•    SeatData Integration - RocketPoster’s exclusive licensing agreement with SeatData increases listing appeal by automatically including section view photographs from over 150 Professional and NCAA sports venues.

•    Team Title Control – This proprietary technology provides Brokers with even greater flexibility on how to best utilize the 55 character eBay title. For sporting events, RocketPoster supports the ability to configure the display of “Full Team Name”, “Abbreviated Team Name” or “Team Nickname” for both the home and away teams.  Effective control and configuration of “Team Title Control” results in higher search results ranking, thus increasing sales.

About RocketPoster - RocketPoster is a multi-channel ecommerce solution for ticket brokers that simplifies the selling and distribution of tickets on, and other marketplaces. Launched in May 2010 and powering the needs of hundreds of ticket brokers, RocketPoster is among the fastest growing technology companies in the ticket brokering industry.

About Brian Hampel - Brian Hampel has over 16 years of technology leadership experience mainly focused in banking, finance and Internet Start-Ups. Currently he serves as founder and president of RocketPoster, Inc. Prior to founding RocketPoster, Brian was the Senior Project Manager and Program Manager for, an on-line financial services start-up for institutional investors, owned by a consortium of eleven of the largest global investment banks. Prior to this, Brian was Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch where he managed all application development and operational support for the primary hub of a global trading desk.