New Broker Hub Distribution Options Thu, Mar 28, 2013

Ticket Utils Announces Inventory Distribution Options to Broker Hub

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of a new feature: RocketPoster/eBay Inventory Distribution to the Ticket Utils' Broker Hub. This feature enables current RocketPoster clients to choose to send their current inventory files to the Ticket Utils' Broker Hub, FOR FREE.

This feature is managed via the introduction of a new user preference titled, "RocketPoster/eBay Inventory Distribution to Broker Hub". The default value of this new user preference is set to "Yes". To change this user preference, you will need to log into your current Ticket Utils/RocketPoster account. Then, simply navigate to the "My Profile" account screen by hovering the mouse over your BrokerName/UserId on the top right hand corner. After selecting the "My Profile" account screen, you can modify this user preference accordingly under the section heading "RocketPoster/eBay Inventory Distribution to Broker Hub".

The Broker Hub is a dynamic B2B exchange of secondary ticket inventory for industry professionals. The exchange has secure access and be limited to verifiable industry professionals only. With over 550 ticket brokers in the U.S. and Canada as current Ticket Utils clients, the Broker Hub promises many participants, deep inventory and maximum liquidity potential for ticket brokers.

This new feature and user preference is available today for you to review and manage, but your RocketPoster/eBay inventory will not start flowing into the Broker Hub product until next week, starting on April 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Can I Purchase Broker Inventory Directly from the Broker Hub?
No, inventory will initially be broadcasted to the Broker Hub in "Read Only" mode, and without any order execution or hold features. Meaning, you will still need to call the listing broker over the phone in order to confirm inventory availability, place inventory on hold and to make payment arrangements.
In the upcoming weeks, this process will be further streamlined as brokers using our Point of Sale product will be able to opt-in for real time order execution and hold cabilities.

2) How Do I Get an Account to your Broker Hub Product?
Starting on April 1st, we will be emailing Broker Hub login credentials out to all existing RocketPoster clients who opt-in to send their RocketPoster eBay inventory to the Broker Hub. Priority will be given to onboard existing RocketPoster clients first.

3) How Can I Send a Direct Inventory File to Broker Hub?
Please contact Ticket Utils customer support at 201-556-9090 in order to arrange for a direct inventory file to be sent to Broker Hub.
For more information about the new commerce platform, Point of Sale, Broker Hub or other Ticket Utils products, go to, email or call 201-556-9090.

About Ticket Utils
Ticket Utils is a cloud-based commerce platform for ticket brokers designed to drive innovation, increase productivity and reduce costs.