Enrich eBay Listings with SeatData Section Views Fri, Oct 1, 2010

RocketPoster.com Licenses SeatData.com Content to Provide Section Views in eBay Listings

Saddle Brook, NJ, October 1, 2010 – RocketPoster, Inc. has announced a new feature to its eBay listing service which enriches broker listings by automatically including section view perspective photographs for over 150 Professional and NCAA sports teams, through an exclusive licensing agreement with SeatData.com. SeatData.com is the leading source of section view photographs, with an impressive catalog of over 17,000 hi-resolution photographs. A section view photograph provides a ‘point of view’ perspective to the playing field from each section of the supported venue. 

“The business model for RocketPoster is to provide innovative technology that will allow our ticket broker clients to save time, sell more inventory and provide the necessary automation for them to leverage eBay as one of their primary distribution channels. Since launching our eBay listing service some five months ago, the most requested feature, by far, has been the ability to automatically display SeatData’s content within the body of eBay listings – and we have responded,” said Brian Hampel, Founder and President of RocketPoster. “The undertaking was enormous, not only from an integration and retrieval standpoint, but from a licensing standpoint as well. This new content has been very well received by our broker clients who have been test driving this feature for the past several weeks, and the anecdotal feedback is that it is contributing to increased sales on eBay. Furthermore, I am happy to announce that we are offering this new feature to our subscriber base at no additional charge and without any fee increases.” 

Under the terms of the licensing agreement, RocketPoster has been granted an exclusive ‘Third Party eBay Listing Service’ license to integrate SeatData.com’s content within their automated posting process out to eBay. In addition, the exclusivity clause provides RocketPoster with the only ‘Third Party eBay Listing Service’ license for the duration of the licensing agreement with SeatData.com.

“Through this pioneering integration, our eBay listing process has the intelligence to display the correct catalog of SeatData images at the event level. Using Madison Square Garden as an example, our automated posting process has the intelligence to insert the New York Knicks catalog of SeatData section views for home Knicks games, and the New York Rangers catalog of section views for home Rangers games, and we will not display any section view images for non-sporting events like concerts, etc…,“ said Hampel.

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