Upload to TickPick from Ticket Utils

Upload to TickPick

Ticket Utils users are able to upload and broadcast tickets direct to TickPick.com, one of the fastest growing secondary ticket marketplaces in the country.

Marketplace Details:

Founded in 2011, TickPick.com is one of the fastest growing secondary ticket marketplaces in the country. TickPick deals with the customer directly so brokers don’t have to worry about chargebacks, questions, or customer service. There is no fee to list on their marketplace and sellers receive full listing price on a sale. Uploading to TickPick from the Ticket Utils Point of Sale is made easy by an integration that includes built in Autohold, Auto-confirm, Auto-deliver, integrated delete of sold inventory, and the ability to print airbills straight from your POS.

TickPick Integration Details:


Automatic Sync

New tickets are listed and price changes are automatically synced in near real-time.


TickPick charges no commission to sellers, and our software provides the ability to control the markdown of inventory sent out.


Our POS’s AutoHold is integrated with TickPick.com and will allocate available inventory and automatically generate an invoice.


Complete control of ticket listings to be included/excluded in the TickPick broadcast.


Choose to set our POS to automatically confirm orders to save yourself from follow up e-mails and steps through the TickPick portal.


Set up to instantly upload e-tickets if they are loaded into our POS or print airbills directly from our POS.

Paperless and Flash

Ability to set the delivery type for paperless or Flash Seats inventory.

Local Pickup Option

TickPick broadcasts local pickup and will call listings to their customers to improve the chances of moving your near-term tickets.

Payment Terms:

TickPick pays upon confirmation, by CC, check, or ACH. Check and ACH are paid out bi-monthly.

Ticket Utils has all of the qualities that you want from a POS:

  1. They're a cost effective solution with no commitment required.
  2. The POS is super intuitive, cloud-based, and accessible from your smartphone.
  3. They set you up to broadcast to many marketplaces like TickPick.
  4. Their tech support staff is top-notch and readily available.
  5. They are integrated with marketplaces like TickPick for auto-fulfillment of orders to save you time and energy.

TickPick loves Ticket Utils

To get started listing on TickPick.com, visit their Large Seller Page or contact Joe Cassitto at 845-489-5829