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Our ticket broker software is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in the secondary ticket market.

Point of Sale

Our point of sale is the pinnacle of effective simplicity. It provides everything ticket brokers need to get their inventories found and sold. Our point of sale has an unmatched integration with StubHub, and it provides direct distribution to over 20 of the industry’s most popular marketplaces.

The bottom line is we offer the reach and exposure you need, and we offer it at a game changing flat rate of $99 a month, with no commissions, no ratings, and no contracts. Not having to pay your point of sale provider every time you make a transaction means you can significantly increase sales on major marketplaces by pricing more competitively. Not having to worry about contracts and ratings means no more upfront costs and no more waiting to reach your break even date.

At Ticket Utils we don’t sell tickets or compete with your retail sales; our only objective is creating ticket broker software that will help you sell more tickets.

Stubhub Integration

We all know the numbers; StubHub is where a huge percentage of secondary ticket inventory gets bought and sold. This is why the developers at Ticket Utils dedicated themselves to creating a comprehensive StubHub integration. We wanted to provide a complete product, with full functionality, which is both easy to use and easy to transition to.

Upon activation, all your listings, bar-codes, and PDF’s are imported from StubHub. Once you have completed migration you can broadcast to over 20 marketplaces, or just enjoy the benefits of managing your StubHub listings from our Point of Sale. With our software you won’t need bulk upload status to avoid manually uploading every ticket, and built in Auto Hold helps prevent double sales. We also incorporated pre-delivery support and the ability to manipulate delivery options and inventory markups. This integration is a polished product that is ready for prime time right now.

Interactive Seating Charts

Our interactive seating charts have set a new standard in both technology and coverage. Our charts and section views are built and maintained in house. This allows us provide a product with unparalleled flexibility and a deep catalog with an unmatched speed to market. We have direct oversight of quality control which means our exclusive auto correct technology can ensure that no charts are missing or broken.

Adaptive display technology automatically resizes the chart to best accommodate the end user’s device, and all interactive charts are mobile compatible. Over 250 E-commerce sites have already figured out that our charts increase conversion rates by keeping the end user engaged in the shopping process. The bottom line is: our charts turn browsers into buyers.


Loading tickets on eBay is tedious and time consuming. This is why, for professional ticket brokers, RocketPoster is a must. The innovative software saves time and money through customizable automation.

Rocket poster is an official eBay compatible application and is fully integrated with Ticket Utils’ point of sale. The ticket broker industry has put its trust in Ticket Utils. Today RocketPoster listings account for 90% of all eBay ticket listings worth $370,000,000.00.

Broker Hub

Broker Hub is a free inventory exchange that Ticket Utils makes available to verified industry professionals.

Over 600 ticket resellers and brokers already post their inventories on Broker Hub, making it the perfect place to find and post inventory.

Broker Hub is easily accessible within Ticket Utils’ point of sale, and is very user-friendly thanks to the technology from our seating charts division, which we use to filter and display inventory within the Hub.

Over 600 brokers, marketplaces, and E-commerce sites have already benefited from our time tested ticket broker software solutions.