RocketPoster for eBay

The industry's only automated tool for listing tickets on eBay

RocketPoster for eBay

RocketPoster simplifies the selling of tickets on eBay through customizable automation.

First launched as a standalone product, RocketPoster quickly became the industry standard application for leveraging eBay as a sales tool for selling tickets. As a standalone product it powered over 400,000 published listings, which accounted for 90% of all eBay ticket listings with a peak estimated total worth of over $400,000,000. Now only available as a Plugin for the Ticket Utils Point of Sale, RocketPoster is the ticketing industry’s only automated eBay listing tool.


Through a system of customizable templates and rules RocketPoster automates eBay ticket sales without sacrificing the seller’s control over listing preferences. Our customer support team will work with you to set up as many templates and rules as needed to suit your particular business practices, delivery methods and market segment.

Point of Sale

RocketPoster is now only available to brokers using the Ticket Utils Point of Sale, our indrusty leading ticket broker software system which provides inventory distribution to over 25 major ticket resale marketplaces, has a built in broker-to-broker exchange, and full retail support for powering your website.

Custom Seating

Our proprietary technology ensures the correct seating chart is displayed in the body of each listing for every venue, every event, and every date. These seating charts are designed in-house by Ticket Utils’ Seating Chart division, which has set the industry standard in seating chart technology.

eBay Compatible

This verifies that our application has been designed, developed and tested to integrate with eBay's marketplace in a secure, reliable and consistent fashion.

in Listings

Ticket-Marquee displays other tickets for the event being viewed, as well as your inventory from related events, and a scrolling gallery of “Hot Inventory.” This provides sellers with a proven tool to increase sales and generate more traffic by cross-marketing eBay inventory.

Order Flow

RocketPoster has reinvented the eBay checkout process with a custom integration that has four simple steps. Using our software, sellers can view order details, confirm payments, assign a shipment method, and easily manage eBay feedback relations with the buyer.

Quantity Masking
and $ Rounding

Provides the ability to automatically mask down ticket quantities to a more consumer friendly ‘for sale’ quantity in the eBay listing. After all ticket $ markups/markdowns are applied, the rounding feature will output a rounded ‘for sale’ $ amount in the eBay listing.

Exclusive Section

RocketPoster‘s exclusive library of digitally rendered Hi-Def section views will increase your listing appeal. These views are created and maintained in- house so we can be proactive in responding to new venues, floor plan changes, and venue renovations.